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From 3rd August- 28th August: Take advantage of the 'Eat Out Help Out' scheme.

On Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays have 50% or up to £10 off your bill. 


We couldn't be more grateful for all the kindness we have had from our regular customers/ friends.

If you would like to support your local coffee shop, we have gift vouchers, afternoon tea and prosecco brunch vouchers available to purchase or why not prepay for  10 coffees at the price of 8?

Email : and have something to look forward to when we are free to go out again!



We were so excited to visit The Old Bakery Gin company this week and find out their story.                                                            Come and taste their very special recipe at Espresso and Co and find out why Buckingham Palace, Downing Street are fans as well!!


No Waste Cocktails !

Come and taste our specially prepared cocktails that follow our no waste ethics- using chef Adam Handling's special recipes                                                                                                  

Try cocktails using citrus husks and coffee grounds. The only venue in Enfield they can be experienced- cocktail hour 3-5pm (but you can have a sneaky taste anytime after 10 am!.... ssh!)